Photo reportage by Anđela Petrovski

The soup kitchen is a part of the Orthodox Church in Belgrade. The people who work in this soup kitchen prepare food for the homeless and for the people who don’t have anywhere or anything to eat. What is interesting about this place is the fact that only volunteers work within this little space and by working and travelling together they became friends. People who volunteer are mostly retired or they have some other incomes and they spend their free time here working hard out of goodwill.

Most people don’t have the possibility to volunteer and in general, people don’t have to volunteer. The point is that a lot of people waste their time, and surround themselves with dissatisfaction which is in a way justified, but at the time it cannot be justified. Unlike many, these people made a decision to spend their time in a different way. Although they have their own troubles and problems within their four-wall-world, they chose a job that makes their life better (and sometimes worse) through which they meet people, hang out, have fun, but also work hard. Most importantly – the result of their decision shows that a few people’s work and a bit of goodwill can feed hundreds of those who cannot and don’t have where else to eat.

If everybody gave just a little, maybe that would mean a lot to somebody else.


A big thank you to Vasilije and all these people for making me feel like a part of them and letting me document part of their time and work.

Photo & Text by Anđela Petrovski


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