By sending an SMS to 2844 on any network of incumbent operators, you are donating 100 dinars to Church Kitchen.

Payments into RSD account through our account in Komercijalna Banka

Current Account: 205-58219-31
Reference number: 230102

You can also bring your donations to the VDS office on 31st French Street, first floor.

You can hand over groceries for the Church’s kitchen or wardrobe, shoes and other items for families of many families and poor VDS service users at the premises of VDS on 31 French Street.

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Let's be people

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FCS departments

More active work of parishes in the Archbishopric in the field of organization of lectures, book presentations, concerts, literary evenings, etc. have conditioned the activity of VDS in this department to be significantly reduced, but also to redirect some other departments and activities. As a result, compared to previous years, the number of lectures and books presented was significantly reduced.

At the moment, the activities of the department of religious education are actively taking place in the areas of:

  1. Free foreign language classes and other school subjects and
  2. Homework section – Old crafts, embroidery, sewing, better known as Women’s work section.

The legal counseling center provides free legal assistance every Wednesday from 1 pm and on Fridays from 12 noon, regarding the resolution of all disputable issues, marital problems, property, etc.

Lawyers Miloš Stefanović and lawyer Ana Videnov provide assistance in more than 400 various cases annually.

This department has a duty to help people solve problems in the family, marriage and raising children through its counseling, which is one of the most sensitive segments of life. Our advisors often participate in radio shows on these topics. The work includes: a priest (clergyman), a doctor and a social worker.

At the head of this department is Dr. Milijana Savić, who in recent years has been extremely active in the field of helping families, children, mothers with nutrition and breastfeeding, and who is at the head of the organization “Help the Family”.

The opening of a new modernly equipped Church kitchen with a large warehouse space in Zemun Polje enabled uninterrupted work on the preparation of a large number of meals. Throughout the year, over 2000 meals were prepared on weekdays. During the month of August, the Church Kitchen takes a summer break due to the necessary works on servicing and maintenance of kitchen appliances and painting the rooms.

The department is headed by chef Slaviša Dašić. He is assisted by Uroš Stanković as the coordinator for church kitchens and the driver, Milan Primožić as the driver and Bojan Udovičić as the organizer of the central checkpoint in Francuska Street No. 31.

The most significant strength of the Church Kitchen department is made up of volunteers with their work, dedicated time, love and patience. Without their selfless help, work would be almost impossible.

Cooked meals are distributed at the temples next to the dining room in France 31:

Ascension of the Lord on Žarkovo
Sv. The great martyr Prince Lazarus of Zvezdara
Assembly of Serbian Saints in Karaburma and
Sv. The Great Martyr George in Bežanija.

One of the main goals of this department is to create a practical spiritual and social program for monitoring and helping nursing homes, homes for children with disabilities, the visually impaired, the deaf, without parental care and similar institutions. This set goal has been achieved in many ways, and somewhere the cooperation with the social protection institutions of the city is slowly starting. Visits are made in agreement with the institution, the competent priest or clergyman. They are usually organized on the Sunday after St. Liturgies. Several volunteers are participating in the visit, together with the head of the department and the priest. Orthodox press such as Orthodoxy, Orthodox missionary, Saint Sava’s bell, prayer books, icons and rosaries, fruit, sweets, if you visit the orphanage and other gifts, are always visited.

На челу овог ресора се налази Г. Василије Ковачевић.

Twenty-one doctors are active in the department of health counseling. They provide treatment services to VDS users in the VDS outpatient clinic, their private surgeries or surgeries at health centers and clinics.

Based on medical records, more than 400 examinations of patients are performed annually, and more than 1,000 people receive medicines, diapers and / or various medical supplies.

The schedule of shifts is made every year at the beginning of September. The schedule is subject to changes, in terms of the day and schedule of duty. All examinations are performed exclusively by appointment.

На осно­ву лекар­ске еви­ден­ци­је годи­шње се извр­ши више од 400 пре­гле­да паци­је­на­та, а леко­ве, пеле­не и/или разни сани­тет­ски мате­ри­јал доби­је више од 1000 људи.

Рас­по­ред дежур­ста­ва се сва­ке годи­не почет­ком сеп­тем­бра изно­ва пра­ви. Рас­по­ред је под­ло­жан про­ме­на­ма, у погле­ду дана и сат­ни­це дежу­ра­ња. Сви пре­гле­ди се врше искљу­чи­во по зака­зи­ва­њу.

Due to the developed activities in the field of church press and publishing in the Archbishopric of Belgrade-Karlovac, the Guardianship Administration decided to reduce the funds intended for this department and redirect them to other activities, but to leave enough funds to finance individual projects approved by the administration. are in line with the mission of Religious Charitable Trust.

At the head of the department is Mr. Nikola Drobnjaković

Volunteers at checkpoints
Users of the Church kitchen
Points of the Church kitchen