Faith charity Stewardship (VDS) is humanitarian, non-profit and charitable organization founded by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The main purpose of our work is to conduct various humanitarian activities in order to help those who are in need.

Work of the Faith Charity Stewardship is embedded in the principles of eternal Christian values of charity and love.

Donators and philanthropists are legal entities and natural persons helping work of this humanitarian organization by their own free contributions.

THE PRESIDENT of the VDS is His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Mr. Irinej who supervises the work of VDS through the Assembly and personally evaluates overall activity of this institution. He also provides approval and blessing for effects of decisions brought on the Management Board and Assembly sessions as well as in the occurrence of unforeseen situations.   MANAGEMENT BOARD consists of twelve elected persons that are per certain criteria, profession and affinity disposed within departments. Management Board is an operational body conducting all decisions brought by His Holiness in regard to VDS, its scope and decisions brought by the assembly.

Патријарх српски Иринеј

VDS Assembly is the highest body of the VDS convoked and opened by His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia, President of VDS, in one or more sessions annually. The Assembly members, besides His Holiness, are Vicar Bishops, Archpriest Deputies, church elders, and two more delegates, deputies of all 7 departments of laics who are specially engaged in VDS as such deserving the place in the Assembly.

The Assembly takes care of basic needs of this institution regarding organizational, material and developmental issues.

Secretariat of VDS has 4 employees, one organizer of the kitchen and two drivers.

Employees in the VDS secretariat are:

RESOURCES – Entire work of VDS is divided in 7 departments. Head of each department is the organizer, the leader in the work who has assistants (10-15 members).

FINANCING MODE — all church units within Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovci participate in the VDS fund development by payments per budget. In addition to this, great help is provided by the Office for Religious Affairs Republic of Serbia.

ADDRESS: Francuska St. 31, 1 floor

PHONE: 011/ 2182–776


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