Within the religious education field we organize literary and spiritual evenings, humanitarian concerts, book reviews, and lectures on Christian Orthodox themes, etc.

Schedule of activities within the field of religious education in VDS is published:

Broad cast on the radio Слово љубве

Until present almost all VDS chief departments have been guests on the radio participating actively in several broadcasts.

Morning program on the radio starts with VDS timetable announcement and we are grateful to editorial staff and journalists of the Slovo Ljubve radio for quite better respond of the people to our activities.

Recently VDS started own broadcast with the tittle Budimo ljudi each Saturday morning from 11 – 12 AM.

in this field scope of work we have free language courses of English, Greek, French and Russian languages as well as preparations and additional classes of mathematics, physics, chemistry and Serbian language for elementary and secondary school students.

We also wish to offer workshop including various handicrafts we titled Old crafts and, broidery, weaving and sewing.

Chief department for Religious education Dr Nevenka Mićić


In VDS we have different counselling offices (health care, legal, family issues, etc.) but – Orthodox Christians and Orthodox families know many problems, dilemmas and difficulties can be facilitated only in spiritual conversation and advice by a shepherd.

Due to this reason we have established two modes of spiritual aid:

  1. Spiritual conversation with a priest — Monday morning in VDS premises (please call in advance for an appointment)
  2. VDS finances out of own fund clergyman who their shepherds work provides in chapels in our hospitals. Our Christian Orthodox shepherds work in chapels in VMA, Clinic Centre, soon in GAK Narodni front and other hospital departments where people need not only medical but also spiritual help and support.

When you need an advice and to talk with priest — please call VDS office at 011/ 2182–776 or write an e-mail at the address: sekretar@starateljstvo.rs and we will recommend you to the best place.

Timetable of all activities you can find ⇒ HERE.