Food for the poorest.

The Soup Kitchen of the Faith Charity Stewardship – preparation and serving of meals to poor citizens during the entire working week. Food is also distributed at five stations in the city (within church parish homes).


Access to our Soup Kitchen (through the yard):


From Monday to Friday, our volunteers prepare and serve cooked meals on the premises of the Soup Kitchen of the Faith Charity Stewardship in Francuska 31 (entrance through the gate, near the yard) from 10 am to 12 (noon). After that, packed ready meals are distributed to those who failed to reach our canteen in time.






Soup Kitchen, Francuska 31 – Schedule




Monday–Friday: cooked meals 11:00-13:00
Monday–Friday: cooked meals, distribution 13:00-13:30





Churches where meals are distributed every working day (except for Orthodox feasts):


  1. Church of the Ascension of Our Lord in Žarkovo, Prote Milorada Pavlovića 4a, Žarkovo, Tel: +381 11 2517 205, +381 11 2516 205, Website:
  2. Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints in Karaburma, Pere Ćetkovića 6/A, Karaburma, Tel: +381 11 277 6534
  3. Church of Holy Prince Lazar in Zvezdara (Lazarica), 21. divizije 33, Zvezdara, Tel: +381 11 241 6347
  4. Church of St Jovan Vladimir in Medaković, Ignjata Joba 75, Medaković, Tel: +381 11 7473 421, Website:

5. Church of Holy Great Martyr George in Stara Bežanija, Vojvođanska 70, Tel: +381 11 2161 093, +381 11 3185 861, +381 11 3187 718



Време поделе оброка: оквирно време је од 11 до 15 часова сваког радног дана, разликује се у зависности који је храм у питању, тако да је неопходно позвати телефоном и распитати се за детаљније информације.

Distribution of meals: 11 am – 3 pm (tentative) every working day, depending on the church. Please call and ask for more information.

If you know someone who needs such food aid, please refer him/her to the principal of one of the above churches, so that he/she be included in the list.


If you wish to volunteer in our Soup Kitchen, call: +381 11 2182 776 or write at: sekretar@starateljstvo.rs.




We wish to thank our donors for their support in food and money which they provide each year. Owing to their help, our Soup Kitchen can prepare meals for an increasing number of citizens who lack means even for the basics such as food.

If you wish to donate food for the Soup Kitchen, call: +381 11 2182 776 or write at: sekretar@starateljstvo.rs.


Consecration of the Church-People’s Kitchen of the Faith Charity Stewardship – His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej




Soup Kitchen IN 2014

At the beginning of 2014, the Soup Kitchen of the Faith Charity Stewardship had around 800 users. Already in mid-February, this number rose to somewhat more than 1000. Such a large and sudden increase was due to a number of activities which were implemented in 2014 and continued into 2015.



As assessed by many, one of the most beautiful humanitarian concerts (the first of such kind) was organised in the Zvezdara theatre. All contributions went to the kitchens. What ensued soon after was an interesting action which made the Soup Kitchen known to the wider Belgrade public. In cooperation with the “Idea” sales chain, a large transparent box was set up for the collection of long-lasting food. “Idea” required the media presentation of Kitchen’s work.

Soon after the action in “Idea”, floods engulfed Serbia in May, marking the life of our entire country and the Faith Charity Stewardship. Even in those difficult days, the Kitchen worked smoothly, helping mitigate the consequences of the floods.


Everyone is already familiar with the transparent box of the Church-People’s Kitchen of the Faith Charity Stewardship – it appears at fairs marking Epiphany, Easter, or at book fairs etc. With the blessing of the Patriarch and principal of St Sava’s Temple, as of May this box is located in St Sava’s Temple in Vračar.



This year will also be remembered by the opening of new stations. Early in the year, a station within the church of St John the Baptist at the Central Cemetery was opened, but was closed several months later. Soon thereafter, a new station was opened at the church of St Jovan Vladimir in Medaković. It very quickly became one of the largest food distribution stations.

In mid-December, the fifth station was opened – at the church of Holy Prince Lazar in Zvezdara. The opening of this station was necessary as the number of everyday users rose to 1700 in the second half of the year.





The number of volunteers in 2014 reached maximum 60. They constantly change and work according to schedule.


The list of volunteers in 2014

Jelena Miletić; Jovana Marinković; Nina Pušonja; Valerija Ljubičić; Slađana Janković; Olgica Kostić; Dragica Atanasković; Manda Pilipović; Tanja Mirčeska; Nevenka Udovičić; Dušanka Popović; Svetlana Stojanović; Slavica Stanković; Snežana Savić; Miodrag Veličković; Angelina Huseini; Dragana Vukobrat; Koviljka Đaković; Dragan Kosanović; Miloš Filipović; Ivan Stamenković; Nikola Gregorić; Marinko Petrović; Zoran Nenadović; Andrijana Šćepanović; Nikola Mandić; Dušanka Lazarević; Katarina Kuzman; Ivana Mihaljica; Marina Mitić; Ljiljanu Mirosavljević; Maja Goranić; Jelena Nikić; Jovan Jovanović; Vlada Korica; Jelena Škrbić; Stana Trkulja; Goran Lazarević; Aleksandar Milojević; Danijela Lazić; Lidija Bogićević; Radmila Ranđelović; Dušanka Mitrović; Aleksandar Ilijašević; Jasna Pašić; Aleksandra Kukolj; Jelena Đorđević; Milka Šćepanović; Stefan Ilić