When you come “on line” you realize what actually crucial in life is

On a sunny and pleasant Sunday morning on 17 June 2018 the volunteers of Charity sections Faith Charity Stewardship after the Divine Liturgy came to visit patients on rehabilitation at the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics known as “Rudo”. The feeling is that the grace of worship in some invisible way passes onto these […]

Visit to the Children`s Shelter in Krfska Street

Nowadays, there are plenty of refreshing drinks that, however, just like water only briefly satisfy thirsts. This can also be said about the spiritual, impenetrable thirst of a man for God which only can be fulfilled by the living water. When Jacob met the woman Samaritan at the river spring, which is described in the […]

My life is in the hands of God

On Sunday of the Week of Myrrhbearers dedicated to the women Myrrhbearers who first witnessed Jesus Christ Resurrection, on 22 April 2018 volunteers of FCS after the Holy Liturgy visited the Care Home in Diljska Street.
As always, they were kindly accepted by the employees of the Care Home, and with special joy of its users who are due to illness or old age infirmity immovable or difficult to move and therefore depend on care and for many of them these visits and meetings are very precious.

See me with your heart to understand me better

On the fourth Sunday of the Holy Fast on March 18th 2018 volunteers of the Faith Charity Stewardship Merciful Section (VDS) together with Deacon Branislav Jocić, deputy of the VDS Secretary have visited the Institution for Children and Youth Sremčica. The meeting place was on the premises of the VDS in Francuska St. 31. The […]