Free course works

In the VDS premises we offer free foreign languages courses, school subject additional lessons, as well as different educational and creative workshops for children and adults.


Persons who are not able to pay such additional education in some other institution and our VDS volunteers may attend these courses.

Free teaching in the current year includes:

  1. English language Course — Basic and Middle Courses, 2 classes per week – Teach Prof. Slavica Stamenković.
  2. Greek language Course — Advances and Middle new, 2 classes per week – Teacher Nafeli Papuotsaki.
  3. French language Course — Basic and Middle Courses, 2 classes per week – Prof. Nikola Popović and Maja Marković.
  4. d. Russian language Course — Basic and Middle courses, 2 classes per week – Teach Prof. Aleksandra Spasić and Snežana Jovanović.
  5. Preparations and additional classes: mathematic, physics, chemistry and Serbian Language for elementary school pupils and secondary school students – each Saturday – Prof. Nevenka Mićić and Kristijan Miok.

Detailed schedule and hours you may find HERE.

If you wish to apply for any of VDS free course works, please call the following phone number:

011/ 2182–776

Address in Beograd: VDS Office, Francuska St. 31/1


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