Nowadays, there are plenty of refreshing drinks that, however, just like water only briefly satisfy thirsts. This can also be said about the spiritual, impenetrable thirst of a man for God which only can be fulfilled by the living water.

When Jacob met the woman Samaritan at the river spring, which is described in the Gospel reading on the Holy Liturgy on St George Day on Sunday, May 6, 2018, Jesus Christ reveals where the source of this mysterious water is.

Both to us today, as the once to the woman Samaritan the Lord Jesus Christ says: “And he that drinks of the water that I will give him will not be thirsty, but the water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water flowing into everlasting life” (Jn.4, 14).

There are a lot of witnesses about this, among them is the Great Martyr George the Victory-Bearer, (killed in 303) who testifies that the Lord Jesus Christ is the source of water, because “by the power given to him by the Lord he helps in misery and distress to all those who celebrate him and his name is appealing “.

“Volunteers of the Charity Section of the Faith Stewardship Charity on this day, after the Holy Liturgy, visited the Children Shelter in Krfska Street within the Youth Integration Center.

There were less children than usually because of the Saint Day and many of them stayed at home to have a family celebration. The volunteers brought fruit, strawberries and bananas for Sunday snack. The present children were happy to have been visited and entertained by beloved friends from FSC.

Our volunteer Branka immediately got a “new hairstyle” by two girls. Then a “short” drawing lesson was “held”. Mother Jelisaveta, who teaches a Religious Education in elementary school both in Barič and Mala Moštanica, in joke evaluated one drawing, with the highest descriptive grade “exceptional”.

They showed us everything that they had already done. We talked about learning and school and how it is so important for the integration of young people who live or work in streets. The volunteer David explained to one girl basic steps in playing chess. In the meantime, volunteer Sonja with a boy in the first grade of high school practiced English. Children love these visits as they express in the drawings they made.

Mr. Krša Jovanović, as always, was a very kind and attentive host. Last year, a shelter in Krfska Street celebrated ten years of existence and work, and he has been here since its founding.

He has great experience and it is obvious that he is hugely respected and trusted by the children from the shelter. The end of school year is approaching, and Mr. Krša stated that he hopes for good results because the expert team of the Shelter was in contact with schools and that they were all diligent in their efforts to help children to master the school programs and after finishing elementary school achieve some qualification or semi-qualification in order to get employment more easily.

This support and encouragement are essential for children, especially in acquiring working habits, because they return to their homes and live in non-hygienic settlements on the margins of the society. For the Children of the Shelter, he said, it was a special joy to have recorded the music disc “Singing Shelter” and at the end of the last year in the National Theatre they held their first concert.

The children of the Shelter due to the conditions they live in must learn a lot, much more than their peers who do not have these problems. But perhaps the fact that they feel something deeper and know more than the other children showed the drawing in which they wrote the following word: “Thank you for thinking about us- children from the shelter love you.” The volunteers came to share with these children their time and all they brought them were their hearts and in return they received gratitude and immense love. And it is always the most beautiful and valuable thing in life because love is the only thing that matters.